John Svenson (OG) - 575 Boylston, c. 2006

After the Celtics vs. Bulls game.  The security guard in the back looks like he's about had it with fan photos.

Losing the March Madness pool at Broder has consequences...Dougie's wearing footies to the next quarterly reports meeting.

Just a little (err...not so little) window into the progress at Tourists.

Preach Stephen!  If you look real close you might be able to see Nick in the background snapping a photo.

Recycling a building...lots of sorting.  The Wyeth construction c. 2014

Silly Ellie.  

Broder Watercolor

Stephen Bradley counting dots, MASS MoCA c. 2015

...he earned it. c 2014

um...Ben did this.

Wyeth Umbrella sighting. credit: Rooney's Raingear LLC, Boston MA c.2014

Stephen Bradley caught with 'Plant-head' in a gotomtg.  Looking good SB!

Amazing how a little sandblasting brings the wood back to life.  These will be the finished ceilings at our 319A St project.  

D, why so intense?

Brady/Belichick, Malone/Stockton, Jordan/Pippen...We've got Bradley/Rooney.  Wyeth leasing trailer c. 2014

A bike rack that looks like a bike...of course.

If you're gonna split wood, do it with this.

Kids go crazy for an Ice Cream truck...even big kids, with hard hats!  Wyeth Construction Team c. 2014

Eric scooping Ice Cream and saying goodbye to our 15 Broad St tenants. Boston MA c. 2016

The beginning of the Stephen Bradley era.

Beautiful Chicago skyline view from the top of the Tag Outlet. Chicago IL c. 2016

Boston, its a city where even the buildings root for the Red Sox.

Very neat building exoskeleton.  Dudley Sq c. 2014.

Dana finding that all important work/life/beer balance. Broder 15 Broad St office c. 2012 desk, no childcare, no dog walker, no problem! c. 2013

When Rooney heard that he was getting a 'big R' he thought it meant a big raise...nope.

Our first office.  We were a 'real estate' company, but the only thing we owned was a copy machine. Boston MA c. 2006

C'mon Ben, its the Mayor, wear a tie! c. 2012

Art by Annie, ego by Ben. c. 2016

You never know...